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30 October 2002

The Hawking Vocaliser 1200

Oh dear. Apparently, no offence is intended to Stephen Hawking or anyone else. This is simply meant to be a joke.


28 October 2002

Realistic Internet Simulator

Do you want "all the spills and none of the thrills®" of the internet? Well, here is the most realistic internet simulator I’ve ever seen!


24 October 2002

Bloody Finger Mail

Why not wish your friends a happy hallowe’en by sending them a bloody message? No, really... the message is written in blood!


22 October 2002

Rubik’s Cube In Flash

Nicely done Rubik’s Cube interactive flash movie. I don’t know why those astronauts have to be there – but they have they uses, so click them!


15 October 2002

You Are An Idiot

See how much of an idiot you are (works better with sound)... and I accept no responsibility for the outcome!


4 October 2002

Bookworm Game

Question: What do you get if you cross Scrabble with Tetris? Answer: This game! Once you get the hang of it, it’s a great way to kill some time...